Welcome to #SAFERsummer!!

SAFERmoon is launching the MASSIVE #SAFERsummer giveaway event. Six weeks of incredible prizes, including dream vacations, cars, and a literal trip to outer space. Sit back, relax, and get ready to enter your SAFERmoon!

How To Enter

Entering is simple. Just stake your SAFERmoon here. Note that you WILL be charged the normal 10% RFI fee if you choose to enter. There will be minimum 2 Billion and maximum 500 billion token entry limits. If you keep your SAFERmoon in the pool throughout the 6-week competition, then you will be able to withdraw them after the contest ends without incurring another 10% fee. Don't have any SAFERmoon tokens? Buy some here(V2 and slippage 12%).

How Winners are Chosen

Winners will be chosen each week using Chainlink to ensure true randomness. We'll also livestream the selections!

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